Future Projects

Beat24 Productions have multiple projects in development.

Terry and the Bear - Feature Film

In Development

Terry is a standup comedian on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Bear is his imaginary friend. After a disastrous gig in London, Terry, travels home to Margate with his imaginary friend, Bear, to visit his estranged family. Once home Terry is forced to face issues he ran from fifteen years ago. Terry's argument with his now deceased father is the reason he left. He must now come to terms with the loss with the help of Megan, a loner from Terry's past. They quickly fall into a relationship and help each other confront issues of loss and abandonment. A comedy full of heart.

The Cell - Short Film

In Post Production

A man send a text message. Tonight at 9pm. We flip the switch. A short mystery about five seemingly unconnected strangers plotting an event in London that will bring the city to its knees.

Read Between the Signs - Short Film


A comedy about communication between a man and woman as they struggle on an internet blind date.

Letterbox of Love (working title) - Short Film

In Development

Christmas is a magical time of year. It's a time of family, friends, love and happiness. But for those with no-one in the world it can be very lonely. A man posts his declaration of love on a snowy winters eve hoping to avoid another Christmas alone. When darkness falls and everyone sleeps, the world is still. With a little Christmas magic the letterbox starts on his perilous journey to deliver the package.

Frontman - Feature Film

On Festival Circuit

In 1981 a group of teenagers are the subject of a documentary following the dreams and aspirations of children growing up in the UK. These six friends want to be rock legends. Twenty five years later and the group are estranged from one another. The death of their former "Frontman" reunites them and they soon realise the reasons that they split up in the first place. This is a comedy with heart. It's about struggling with life, coping with death and playing rock music on the way... SOFT rock music!
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