01 September 2011

Frontman Festivals
We have screened in eight festivals now and we have eight awards. We're so happy because we still have festivals in 2012 that we may play in. Long live Frontman.

20 July 2011

The Cell shoot is a success
The Cell shoot was great. Spread over a week period but we got some great footage. This is visually the most impressive film to date. Look forward to this one in 2012.

01 June 2011

The Kiss at Festivals
The Kiss has played now in Porto7, Budapest, Russia, Portabello, Can Too and Branchage. We're very happy. UK, Europe and USA.

10 February 2011

Read Between the Signs
We shot this little special FX gem upstairs in a pub in Tooting. Great location and great cast. This is a simple idea about a blind date but we'll need to do some green screen to complete.

15 September 2010

The Kiss looks great
We shot a nice 3 minute short this weekend. We are hoping this one is going to play at festivals all over the world. No dialogue may help that.

01 February 2010

Stupid Dog shoot a success
Thanks to all cast and crew. We have made our first Canon film. It is going to be a fun little short.

20 July 2009

Frontman test screenings in August
Frontman has been delayed as beat24 have decided that test screenings are required before the film is taken forward into festivals and for its world premiere. We feel that at this stage feedback can only be a positive step in the growth of the film.

15 July 2009

BeatBox Kid longlisted for Virgin Media 2009
News just in that The BeatBox Kid has just been longlisted by Virgin Media Shorts. The exciting news comes as a slight surprised as our main entry for the competition SNIFF wasn't longlisted. However we're still incredibly positive that one of our shorts has been acknowledged as a worthy short for a great competition.

10 July 2009

Two new videos only a few weeks away
Both Duncan Oakley's 'Big Bush Woman' and Coppers for Karma's 'Another Day, Another Dollar' will be up on the site by the end of July. These two videos showcase our first venture into special effects. Coppers for Karma involved animating the band inside newspapers whilst Duncan Oakley was our first shoot 100% greenscreen. Both are looking fantastic and will be up on the site shortly.

25 June 2009

SNIFF completed and entered into Virgin Media Shorts 2009
Beat24 are excited to announce that this years Virgin Media entry entitled Sniff is now available to watch on the Virgin Media Shorts website. We've received some great feedback and also selected as the editor's featured choice on the site.

18 March 2009

Duncan Oakley Music Video
Big Bush Woman is now in pre-production and is due to be shot in April.

06 February 2009

Frontman Final Edit
The most recent cut of Frontman has now gone into its final edit and within the next 2 months we'll have something close to a completed film. Keep checking the site for a trailer.

25 January 2009

Redtrack Music Video
Pre-production has started on a new music video for Redtrack entitled 'Poledancer'. The video will accompany the single that is due for release at the end of March.
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