At Beat24Productions we pride ourselves on making quality and original shorts, music videos and features. We are a group of innovative and creative individuals striving to make high quality cinema. As a creative team we have multiple projects in the pipeline as well as individual projects. We make film because we enjoy seeing a project from an initial concept through to the final creation. Take a moment to navigate the site, see the films we have made, see what we are making in the future, see photos from our shoots and learn about us. Maybe you're an actor looking for a dream role, maybe you want to join our crew on future projects, maybe you're a business that wants a film made or maybe you're just a film fan. Whatever your situation, enjoy the site and feel free to contact us regarding any film related matter.

Our Latest Work

FRONTMAN Film Festivals

Frontman has now screened at eight festivals all over the world and we have won eight awards. Please enjoy the trailer below and click here for the official Frontman website.

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